Letter 191 – Never Lose Touch

Have you ever dropped out of circulation for a time? Believe it or not, dropping out of sight, for what ever reason, can affect your life! To whatever degree, you can drop out of sight for a while and you will find that most likely you have become a Lonesome Dove.

Let me tell you. It happened to me. I fell and broke my foot and was out of touch for about two months. Now ask yourself, what is this all about?

I am a Christian and have tried to walk with Jesus on a regular basis. When I broke my foot, I was shut down and could not walk in the physical world like I had before. I lost touch with my Christian friends that I fellowshipped with because I had lost my mobility. Even though my faith and belief in the Lord did not change, I lost and missed my regular relationship with the Lord. I missed the relationship of my Christian friends and the strength we gained from each other. There was a void in my life.

What this is all about…is that I realized how important it was to have a Christian life with Christian friends. We strengthen each other as we walk with Jesus. If you find that you are becoming lukewarm with the Lord, meet with your friends and strike up the band for Jesus.


For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.


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Letter 191 – Never Lose Touch

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