Letter 201 – Have You Staked Your Positive Claim?

Each day when we start out, we should claim it to be a positive and victorious day. That kind of day is out there if we will just grab on to it. We need this kind of day to remain healthy and alive.


We are directed by what comes out of our mouths…the course our life will follow. Choose your words wisely. It takes a positive attitude to whip all of the negatives out there waiting to destroy us.


How do we achieve the treasure of having a life that God created us to have? We face life with reality, realizing its short comings, and then applying common horse sense wisdom. We have to look at things in a positive light that will get us to the good times.


We have to wear the Armor of God and put forth the Shield of Faith which protects us from Satan, who is trying to steal, kill, and destroy us. The key to opening a good day is to turn all things over to the Lord who will get us through and past the mine fields lurking out there, that will try to demolish us. We are vulnerable; however, with the power and strength of the Lord, nothing can stop us.



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Letter 201 – Have You Staked Your Positive Claim?

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