Letter 207 – Be a Watchman on the Wall

I want to warn you. If you are a new Christian or a mature Christian, Satan and his army of demonic forces will try to destroy you in any way they can. If you allow the suggestions of Satan to enter your mind, you become fodder for him to chew on. This will destroy you.


In these last days, we will see more evil attacks on all Christians, than ever before. We always have to be aware of this and put on the Shield of Faith and live under the Shadow of the Almighty. By doing this, we surrender control and chose the way of Jesus, who protects us from evil attacks from the Supernatural world.


One of the ways that Satan attacks us is through lack of unity in the family. This Emotional disunion is much more harmful than physical violence. If one family member is in discord, the ripples from this affect everyone in the household and produces anger and hurt.


To help those who have gone astray, we should be vigilant, and the whole family needs to work together as a team to shore up the broken dyke, so that the curse of Satan cannot enter into our homes.





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Letter 207 – Be a Watchman on the Wall

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