Letter 213 – Do You Know the Holy Spirit?

A brilliant mind is insignificant when compared to the Holy Spirit. The most brilliant mind capable of solving all problems is useless if it can’t communicate with others and especially with God. . We need the Holy Spirit to fully articulate with the creator of the universe, and that is God.


The mind is connected and controlled by the comforts of the flesh. All of these comforts weaken our connection with the Holy Spirit. We have to let go of the flesh to strengthen the Holy Spirit connection. The flesh is weak and dies hard.


Becoming a Christian and reaching a level to understand God through the Holy Spirit, is difficult to achieve; but, as we mature in our Christian walk, we begin to communicate with God and from Him, we get strength and peace.


A brilliant or average mind can only recognize maximum fulfillment if it is totally connected to the Holy Spirit.







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Letter 213 – Do You Know the Holy Spirit?

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