Letter 233 – Do You Know Jesus and What He Did for Us?

When we are born, and as we begin to grow up, life begins to get more complicated as the days, weeks, and years role by. At first, our innocence protects us from the trials of life. As babes, we see all the wonders of this world as God sees them.


As we lose the age of innocence, we begin to see how world events and people impact our lives. Before finding Christ, we may not realize what is happening. We could spend our entire life being destroyed by Satan, or if we are blessed, we will find our way to Christ and learn how to destroy anything that Satan throws at us.


How do we find Christ? Somewhere along the way, we hear about Jesus. Finding Him is the first hurdle. We next have to know what happened to Jesus on the Cross and why His crucifixion had to happen in order for mankind to be saved. Next, we have to accept and believe that Jesus died to save us.


Once we reach this level of a relationship with Jesus, we have only just begun to talk and walk with Him. Our level of Father and Son intimacy increases as we follow in His footsteps. We won’t realize until we are Glorified into Heaven of how vital our walk with Him is.





For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.


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Letter 233 – Do You Know Jesus and What He Did for Us?

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