Letter 239 – Are You Ready to Travel?

If you look, you will see God’s hand at work as never before. We are approaching the end of the Age of Grace, and God is rapidly preparing for the next age. We see this as more of His miracles & prophecies are now being manifested.


The prayers that we have prayed for will be answered in time, if they are within God’s will for our lives. The power of prayer will penetrate the darkness and bring it to light.


As we get ready for our final journey, never lose sight of God. His radiant light is a beacon to home in on. Even though we can’t see His physical presence now, we can see Him through all of His Creation around us. We can also hear Him through His word.


We have to be prepared to receive God. Even though we are not perfect, if we believe in Him, God sees us as Perfect thru the blood of Jesus. Because of this, we receive God’s Grace, which makes us Righteous before Him.





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Letter 239 – Are You Ready to Travel?

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