Letter 245 – Do We Know Jesus’ Love?

Breakthrough… If we are barren and waiting for help, Jesus’ Help is already there…if we will accept it. When we try to help ourselves first before Jesus helps us, He cannot address our needs, unless we allow Him to help. Open the door and let Jesus enter our lives. “I am the way”…says the Lord…


Once we let Christ into our lives, we can begin rejoicing because we have Christ’ availability of provisions of healing, soundness of mind, health and safety, and as long as we stay in tune with Christ, He will give us “peace”…that is beyond all understanding.


It sounds very simple; however, it is very difficult to get it into our heads that Jesus loves us more than anything we can imagine, and that He created us to be a Loving Family. Of all of creation, we are His most cherished possession.




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Letter 245 – Do We Know Jesus’ Love?

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