Letter 260 – OUR HOPE

Hope gives each of us the strength to survive. Without it, we are drained of life and can lose our way. We draw Hope from our dreams, visions, our faith and belief. Each of us needs to inspire and encourage others to accomplish their dreams, visions, and imagination. God gave us the gift of imagination to imagine what lies ahead. Use it.


Our earthly Hopes are to see our dreams beyond the next hill. Our future Hopes are the promises God makes to us concerning the coming age and into eternity. God’s plan for us is to develop to the point where we will take our place with Him in the ongoing creativity of the universe. As heirs to His Throne, we will help Him to rule and reign over His universe.


Be it the sunrise or the sunset of our lives, when we are Glorified, we will see, understand, and live the full Glory of God. We have had a lot of Hope in our lives, and our Final Great Hope is to rule and reign with God!




For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.


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Letter 260 – OUR HOPE

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