Letter 272 – Walk in the Spirit

You have to communicate with the Lord in order to know Him. There are many ways to realize this connection. Some of the ways are…

  1. Reading the Word,
  2. Prayer, and
  3. Quiet Meditation with the Lord through the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit, lives within us, and is the only one who knows and can tell us about the Lord.


As our relationship and Spiritual level grows with the Lord, we enter our Spiritual walk with Him. The Spirit within us is the one we hear and follow, and directs us in the ways of the Lord.


Most of the time, beginning this Spiritual walk does not come easy, because most Christians try to know the Lord through their minds instead of through the Spirit; instead, we have to walk in the Spiritual Realm for a steadfast relationship with The Lord.


When we receive the Holy Spirit from God, things which God has prepared for us will be revealed to us through His Spirit who searches all things, yes, the deep things of God.





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Letter 272 – Walk in the Spirit

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