Letter of the Month 1

Sorry…I have been absent for the last three months. The last Letter I wrote was at the end of December 2017…Letter No 275.


Change is coming…From three Letters a month, Now I will only write one Letter a month beginning April 2018.


1You might as well know this too, Timothy, that in the last days it is going to be very difficult to be a Christian.


2For people will love only themselves and their money; they will be proud and boastful, sneering at God, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful to them, and thoroughly bad.


3They will be hardheaded and never give in to others; they will be constant liars and troublemakers and will think nothing of immorality. They will be rough and cruel, and sneer at those who try to be good.


4They will betray their friends; they will be hotheaded, puffed up with pride, and prefer good times to worshiping God.


5They will go to Church, yes, but they won’t really believe anything they hear. Don’t be taken in by people like that”…LIVING BIBLE 2 TIMOTHY 3 :1-5


For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.



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Letter of the Month 1