Letter 292 – Do You Know Jesus?


He created us. We belong to Him if we choose to belong. When we are born and first become aware of life, we are innocent and uncorrupted by the world. As time moves on, the cloths of innocence becomes tarnished by the world.

As we grow older and if we are attending church, we become aware of Jesus. In time, we get to know Him. Also as we grow older, we become aware of the world as Satan’s playground where we can cling to his world of sin.

Which way will we live…The way of Jesus or the way of Satan?

The best way is with Jesus. This is the way to become clean. This is by receiving Jesus and The Holy Spirit into our daily lives

Jesus gives us the freedom of choice to choose and know Him or reject Him. Get to know Him.




For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.


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Letter 292 – Do You Know Jesus?

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