Letter 294 – Step Up and Be Counted

Our first 4th of July 1776 was when we began building our country; but now as we approach another 4th of July, we are in a fight to save our Nation…This time, not for our Independence as it was in 1776; but, for the moral survival of our country. America is self destructing as its moral fabric unravels.


We have to do everything we can to lift our Nation up and turn our country around… toward the basic grass roots of Sound Moral Principles, Honesty, Integrity, Righteousness, Sincerity, and that Our Word Is Our Bond. We have to renew our Beginnings.


Our Nation was founded on God’s principles, which are the very backbone of our Independence and Freedom. This Freedom that we have did not come free. It came because of those who stepped forward and died for what they believed in. That is to keep us free.


So, out of gratitude and respect for those who died for us, when we hear the National Anthem, we place our right hand over our heart; when we see our American Flag pass by in a parade, we stand at attention and salute our flag out of patriotic respect. We need to show others by our actions the way we feel about our country.




For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.


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Letter 294 – Step Up and Be Counted

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