Letter 303 – We Will Draw God’s Peace


There are unlimited ways that we can stay focused on the Lord. If you consider the whole of God’s creation, and look at the things He has created, starting from our inner being and expanding to the outer reaches of the universe; you will get a picture of what I am talking about, Staying Focused on the Lord Thru Viewing His Creation.


If we attempt to focus on the things of God…


-The Trees with their leaves of seasonal colors,


-The Bees and their busy trips to beautiful flowers,


-Looking up at the Blue Sky as a back drop to awesome Thunder Storm displays of lightning and thunder,


-And as we travel outward from earth, where our first encounter with the universe is Our Moon…


If we would put everything out of our mind except what we are seeing as we meditate on some of His wonders, we than begin to realize how truly great our God is; and begin to see His beauty around us, which draws us closer to Him.




For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.



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Letter 303 – We Will Draw God’s Peace

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