Letter 238 – Are You Clean?

Before creation, Jesus saw us as perfect. When He created us, we were sculptured to His perfection. You can picture this as a statue of us being carved without any blemishes.


In the beginning, the life of mankind was true to God’s will; however Satan then entered the picture when Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden. As we sin, our statue becomes tarnished and weighted down with the sins of this world, and we don’t look like our perfect statue anymore.


Somewhere along the way, we need to strive to get rid of the sinful things that we pick up in life’s journey, so that we can see the person that Jesus has called us to be. If we do this, our image and its reflection will become truer to God’s will.


Do you have it in you to clean up your statue to look and be as when Jesus first formed you? Remember, where you spend your Eternal Life depends on how well you soap down.




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Letter 238 – Are You Clean?