I would like to share a miracle that just happened in my life.


A few days ago, my daughter had a severe Stroke.


The type of Stroke that she had normally requires an oxygen tube in her throat to breath, and an opening in her head to relieve pressure on her brain. By a miracle, she did not need either one..


Her attending Doctor was absolutely amazed, even shocked. He had NEVER seen such a speedy recovery process from this type of stroke. This beat all textbook cases by showing that miracles are possible. He also said that she will make a full recovery.


I know that Christ preformed many healings in His day, and I hear of healings today; but I have never seen a miracle so near to me before. Now I know that By His Stripes and PRAYER my daughter was healed. This brings me even closer to Christ.


As I reflect on this, I know that Christ loves us more than we can imagine. If we have Faith, I know that Christ provides for our needs.



For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.


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Letter 206 – Nothing is Impossible With God

How many of us look up at the Stars at night? How many of us look at The Astronomy Picture of the Day on the internet. To see all of the wonders out there, perhaps the best place to observe the universe is on the internet, even though from that vantage point, you will not feel the intimacy of a starry night.


To take a ride through the universe, we travel at the speed of light. In one year, the distance that we will travel at that speed is called a light year. Through the Hubble Telescope we travel many light years to see distant Galaxies. The furthest Galaxy we can see with the Hubble Telescope is over 13 Billion light years away


When we observe the Heavens, our first encounter with outer space is our Moon. As we travel further out, we next have our Planets, and then the Sun, our Star. As we look further out, we can see an estimated 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Stars in the universe. Our Star is located in the Milky Way Galaxy, and beyond the Milky Way, we see a universe which contains 100 to 200 Billion Galaxies.


The size of the universe is greater than our words can describe. Look at the size of God’s Creation and realize how Great and Powerful He is. We should never forget this and know that nothing in our lives is too big for God to handle.




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Letter 206 – Nothing is Impossible With God