Letter 216 – Who Will See God? Will You?

Wherever I go, I look at people and wonder if they will see Christ when He returns. Most folks are caught up in their own world of problems and pleasures. Then there are those who choose the Peace of knowing Christ.


Living in the world of problems and pleasures is flesh driven which drives us to seek the gods of this world. Where are you? In the flesh driven world, or believing in Christ and dying of self and being obedient to Him?


When life begins, it is forever. From birth, we have two choices to make…that of seeking the gods of this world and ending up in Hell, or seeking and finding Christ and living in Peace with Him forever.


Which fork that you are approaching will you take in life…the fork that leads you deeper into this world, or the fork that leads you to the Cross where Jesus died for our sins…past, present, and future?


Somewhere through life’s journey, if we choose to know Christ, we are mightily blessed. When we reach out and touch Him, we begin an eternal relationship with Him which last forever.




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Letter 216 – Who Will See God? Will You?