Letter 204 – Our Future Life, Don’t Lose Sight of It

We need to look to see what’s coming in the future that was beyond our earthly beginnings, especially at this time of the year; and, what our eternal life will be like beyond our brief time here on earth.


One day soon, we the Earthly Saints of the Lord, will join Him in Heaven. If we are obedient to Him, Scripture tells us that we will be Heirs to God’s Kingdom, and will Rule and Reign with Him over His Creation.


When we join the Lord, our lives will become as we have never known. We will live on a New Earth where there will be no more tears or crying. None of us will ever suffer again. Our bodies will be perfect…clothed with immortality. We will see and know as never before. All of our senses will function at levels we’ve never known. We will have sharp minds, strong bodies, clear purpose, and unabated joy.


We will live in beautifully landscaped homes. There will be oceans, lakes to go fishing and boating in, tall majestic mountains, forest and deserts…All of the above and more will be perfection beyond anything we have ever witnessed.




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Letter 204 – Our Future Life, Don’t Lose Sight of It